‘White is for Witching’, by Helen Oyeyemi

Miranda Silver is very unhappy. She is also very unwell: she suffers from pica, so is repulsed by food and prefers instead to eat chalk and plastic and metal. Since the death of her mother Lily, she is finding it increasingly difficult to maintain a grasp on reality. Perhaps she just needs to get out of the house, of the big, old, haunted house, passed down to her mother by her grandmother… But the house won’t let her go.


I was blown away by this novel. It somehow manages to be both playful and brooding, and it has a mythic, mystic, fairytale flavour to it which I loved. Oyeyemi’s prose is stunning, as is her ability to weave magic with psychology with cultural commentary with metafiction, resulting in a startling exploration of dynastical femininity, of race and racism, of storytelling, of love, and of belonging. I honestly couldn’t recommend it more, and am very excited to read more of Oyeyemi’s work.

Helen Oyeyemi

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