‘Wuthering Heights’ by Emily Bronte

Mr Lockwood has rented a house on the Yorkshire moors. When he pays a visit to his landlord – a Mr Heathcliff – he is bemused by the man’s unusual household, comprised of his beautiful but beleaguered daughter-in-law, her rough and seemingly illiterate cousin, and an elderly and religiously fanatical servant. When Lockwood is forced to spend a night at Heathcliff’s house –Wuthering Heights – he notices the name ‘Catherine’ scrawled numerous times on the sill, and is disturbed in the night by a banging at the window, and a voice begging to be allowed inside…


I had a lot of thoughts and feelings about this novel and the characters it contains, but as I am committed to keeping all my reviews spoiler free, I’m going to save most of them for a longer post later this month, so fans of this novel should keep their eyes peeled for that. For now, I shall just say that I thoroughly enjoyed every moment spent with this dark and engrossing family saga, and I can’t believe it’s taken me almost thirty years to finally get around to reading it. It wasn’t quite what I’d expected; if you’re looking for romance, look elsewhere. But, if you’re looking for passion, intrigue, drama, and a healthy dose of the gothic, you have come to the right place…

emily bronte
Emily Bronte

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